Jerusalem Tourism Conference

Holding this international conference “Tourism and Palestinian Culture in Jerusalem: Unlimited Opportunities” Conference  from 19th till 21st May 2015 came as a part of "supporting economic development and promoting the sectors of tourism and culture in the city of Jerusalem” project activities, that is funded by the EU, where this conference was co-funded by the EU and The Swiss Cooperation.


Many and combined circumstances have brought us, at the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster to the idea of holding a conferencing assembly focusing on the Palestinian Tourism sector in Jerusalem. Due to the cultural richness and diversity in Jerusalem, we found a need to formulate tourism planning in the city as part of the Palestinian strategy to maximize the city's touristic social, cultural and economic impact. In addition, we hoped to promote a coalition of strong academic, social, cultural and community based endeavours in the tourism industry, to explore international research in pertinent fields and to benefit from such efforts and outputs. Which is all can be achieved by exchange of knowledge on local and international levels, and we thought that conducting such conference can offer a unique opportunity for this. 


Conference Objectives:

- Putting Palestinian tourism in the city of Jerusalem on the global scientific search map.

- Building international and local partnerships to influence the development of tourism in a responsible manner.

- Pairing tourism with various kinds of Palestinian culture and expanding social partnership that contributes, supports and benefits from tourism.