Enhancing the Networking Between Cultural Sector Stakeholders Workshop

Jerusalem tourism Cluster held a workshop in partnership with Bisan Center for Research and Development with the support of the European Union, the workshop entitled: " Enhancing the Networking between the Cultural sector Stakeholders " on June 11th , 2013  it took place at the National Hotel . The aim of the workshop was to build a relation between the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster as one of the tourism association and with the cultural sector; In addition, we aimed to find a way of connection between the Cultural sector stakeholders. JTC prepared and designed invitation and invited: Cultural centers, and other persons they are have a direct relation with this sector, there were 19 people from this sector who attended and participated in the workshop.

The project director presented the project activities to the audience. He determined the goals of the workshop in order to enhance the relation with the cultural sector and to upgrade the national products tourist in Jerusalem.

The main objectives and activities list of the project were clarified

Out comes

There was panel discussion about the networking between the tourism and cultural sector and ended up with the following:

-They signed a cooperation paper with Jerusalem Tourism Cluster as a kind of networking.

-To enhance the networking between the cultural sector stakeholder the attendance suggested establishing a support fund for the cultural sector through the tourism sector.