Holding a workshop for stakeholders in tourism sector in Jerusalem

A workshop was held in succession of the "Tourism and Palestinian Culture in Jerusalem: Unlimited Opportunities” on July 4th 2015. The workshop aimed to invest the networking and energies gained by participants during the conference to analyze the outcomes they have got, and to take their conclusions towards practical steps. Participant discussed future activities and strategies for further cooperation and further promoting of tourism in Jerusalem.

The workshop was held at the "Holy Land Hotel" where 42 people attended it.


The workshop continues the network process that started three years ago and crown in the tourism conference. This workshop was appreciated by the stockholders because it shows a continuity of a stable network


General conclusion: These workshops directly strengthen the relations between different actors in tourism and cultural sectors, and between each with other sectors in the city. These workshops opened opportunities for continuous cooperative work and revealed mature relations between tourism stakeholders and cultural associations.  Cultural associations now became a main partner or a supporter in each tourism activity done in tourism activities in East Jerusalem, which serves the result of “stable network of cultural and touristic stakeholders is in place rights of the Palestinian population in Jerusalem”