Board of Directors

1- Chairman of the Board: Raed Saadeh
2- General secretary: Jamal Ghosheh
3- Treasurer: Nabil Amad

The membership of :
4- Mustafa Abu Zahra
5- Ghassan Abdeen
6- Mahmoud Abu Eid
7- Rami Zeidan

Anan Ghaith

Executive Director

Anan Ghaith is the Executive Director for the JTC. Mr.Anan has a BS in International Tourism Management and Marketing and a professional diploma in event Management & Marketing from Middlesex University

Rand Ikremawi

Project Coordinator

Rand Ikremawi is the Project coordinator for the JTC Projects.She has a Master in Public Administration from the University of Jordan

Shurook Surakhi

System Admin

Shurook Surakhi is the System Admin for the JTC. Mrs.shurook is responsible for all Technical & IT part in the JTC including Maintinance , Technical Support , Web Development , Graphics design.She has a BS in computer engineering from Alquds University

Hiba Abdeen

Office Manager

Hiba Abdeen is the office manager for the JTC. Mrs.Hiba is responsible for the managment of the office.She has a BS in journalism and political science from Birzeit University