Folkloric Show

The Folkloric show- "Jerusalem Wonder Cart"- that was designed to present to both foreign and local tourist main scenes from Palestinian Folklore, by the telling the stories of people from within the Old City of Jerusalem, by the famous Palestinian traditional storyteller.

Summer Camp

This activity is planned to take place once a year and targets a selected group of 30 Jerusalem youth to conduct a summer camp on tourist guiding in Jerusalem. The aim is to produce venues for raising awareness of Jerusalem young community to the importance of the city and its history, including Palestinian heritage, to the tourism industry and economic development in general. Historians and tour guides from the city...

Business to Business Website

This portal already exists it is targeted the networking between the local payers and suppliers. The system need to be operated and under a continues updating process. Traders can strengthen their relation between each other and develop their businesses. Also the portal help in improving the culture of the online business in the local economy which will lead to increase their skills and ability to work in more successful way in the future.

"Jerusalem Visitor Guide" Portal

The aim of this website is to create a venue for Jerusalem tourism industry to promote the city through tourism marketing and packaging to reach wider and variable groups of tourists and visitors. The website started identifying tourism packages and cultural programs available in East Jerusalem for marketing and branding. The purpose is to focus on all the tourism products that are linked to the cultural sector to leverage the business to client model.